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Weddings in the European castles

To make your wedding day unforgettably flamboyant it is not always necessary to wear a 17th century dusty jacket or to do your hair in a crow’s nest. A gorgeous medeival castle will make a picturesque scenery for your celebration and a promising start for exciting family life.

Express weddings in Europe

Sometimes a feeling is so strong that it can’t wait. Or it’s you who can’t wait to become a bride. Or is your beloved one a foreign citizen? Anyway, there’s no better place to get married than a castle. And no better time than in 2 weeks from now because that’s how long it takes us to arrange your prompt yet romantic European wedding.

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Whichever type of wedding you choose, we’ll assist you with costumes, make-up artists and photographers. We’ll recommend you hotels and restaurants, arrange excursions and spectacular entertainment for you and your guests to feel happy newlyweds and mighty lords of an ancient castle!

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We are here to:

Help you with documentation

To assist you with visas, certificates, translation and with pleasure.

Meet you at the airport

To help you with luggage and transportation to the hotel.

Take care of your guests

While we escort you to the local police office to deal with a red tape, your guests will have fun on a city tour with a handsome guide.

Take it personally

From the very first time we meet you and till the last hour of your wedding day you can count on our total dedication. We will make you feel at home whatever country you choose.

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Have a look at the castles?

...or meet our married couples?

Our happy couples

What our newlyweds say

Many thanks for the prompt and efficient organization of our wedding. Everything was fast, accurate and heartful at the same time. It was the most pleasant experience. Thank you guys, we’ll come again!

Krisitina and Rinat

It’s been three years since our wedding but we still remember this day as the brightest event in our relationship. The magical Castle of Bouzov, the spectacular wedding script and the brilliant work of the organizers turned our marriage into a fairy tale. Friends and relatives talk of our wedding as of something fantastic, something they have never seen before.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for making our dream come true. Thank you for your sincere support, imagination and engagement in our celebration! Thanks to you, we coped with our fears and never regretted trusting you.
We faithfully take care of our family because it had such a magnificent beginning. We want to warn all the future newlyweds: a wedding in a castle is forever!

Olga and Alex

Thank you very much for our wedding arrangement! Especially with limited budget and time. Everything was organized at the highest level and in professional way. I’m sure that without you everything would be much more complicated because arranging everything in a week is a real top performance!
Good luck with your wonderful work!!!!

Oksana and Suno

Thank you for our wedding! Everything was amazing!! Especially thanks for the quick preparation of documents for the wedding.
Take care,

Tony and Olga

The mysterious and enigmatic castles of the Czech Republic conquered us with their amazing elegancy. We definitely got into the looking-glass of our life. The wedding day will be remembered by our couple for life. It was overwhelmingly magical. Thanks to the coordinators for their understanding, attentiveness, delicate taste. Now get ready, every our anniversary we also plan to spend with you!
With gratitude,

Henry and Lillian

Our wedding was in early September 2015. Everything had to be done very quickly since the previous organizers let us down and only Marina and Olga accepted the challenge and helped arrange a splendid day in a very short time !!! We are from Belarus, and the wedding was in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much for your patience and ability to organize festivities and create unforgettable moments for the people in love 🙂

Julia and Alex

Our mission

We arrange extraordinary weddings in the castles of Europe. Why do we make weddings creatively different?

According to statistics about a half of marriages break up during the first 5 years after registration. We change these statistics.

We are sure that such a vivid impression as wedding in a castle or wedding with an exciting script enhances relations during the difficult period of family formation.

And many years later these colorful memories will still spark the life of a couple and contribute to keeping warmth and affection.

Proven by the Wedding in the Castle founders.

Our contacts

Please send your request to my@wedding-castle.com

We will respond shortly with a detailed offer.

P. S. See the fragment of our wedding script and the wedding book based on it.

Magic of love

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. Her eyes were blue like forest lakes, her lips as tender as a rose and her hair streamed down the shoulders like the rays of the morning sun.
Many princes visited the kingdom hoping to marry the princess. But all of them got nowhere because the princess’s heart was silent. Neither her parents’ suasion, nor expensive gifts, nor clacking tongues could change her mind.
The princess herself felt sad and lonely because she was not fanciful (well, no more fanciful than any good princess indeed), she just wanted to marry for love.
And then the winter came, together with it’s miraculous New Year’s Eve when all the cherished dreams come true. Late at night the stars shone so bright that to anyone who would look out of the window it became clear that the night was going to be magical…